Job Interview

So, as you can see from the title i had a job interview! My very first interview! I originally thought before i went in “its okay not to get the job, this is only my first attempt at a job!”


the questions asked were very simple and basic fortunately! It was things like tell me about yourself, what are your hobbies, what do you study, what hours are you looking for and where do you live. Luckily i had practiced the majority of these kind of questions. I cant say i found it easy but not hard either, i was very nervous, but really enjoyed it! Its a local Coffee house and a new one is to be built near me, so very handy! I fortunately got the job there and then, very lucky!
I have a trial shift coming up so until then I still do not know too much about it all.

This just means i will stay productive during out of school hours, I will also be getting a little income and not revising constantly, which is obviously not expected! Sorry it is only a short one but it has been a busy day and i need a break! I also continued my History work, i still have a lot more to be doing with it! XOXOX LifeOfGcse-Lizzyimages


Day One Of Summer Homework

I know it is really late in the summer holidays to start work, but at least I am starting rather than avoiding! Right?

So Today, I have been very productive! I finished off some photography work, went out to see if I could afford a new laptop (I cant) and then sat down for hours doing history worksheets… image below. I was not bored and I did stay motivated for a long time, but I did decide it was time for a break. During my break I filmed a quick youtube video, find me on youtube by typing Lizzy&Darcey into the search bar. I also popped to the shops, and here we are now.

The reason I enjoyed my history work is because I added so much colour to it and this is because I am a visual learner, so colour is the best way as it is more bold!

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Introducing Myself

Hello Gcse maniacs,

Its currently 2 more weeks until I am in year 11, so the journey really begins for all of us, Readers… you get a real insight on my GCSE life. Year 10 was a huge struggle with; tantrums, breakdowns, highs, lows, exams, results, awards and there was happiness there too!

I currently study, Photography, History and Geography. (And obviously the core subjects.) I was over the moon to see that i had gotten an 8 (A*) in photography for my year 10 grade, History I was okay with, this is because i had gotten over 50%, which was average in my class… Whereas Geography I was not so happy, in fact I was shocked! I thought i had revised so much, but apparently not. So now i can quickly learn from my mistakes and start revising more and well.

Core Subjects!

I seem to really struggle with all sciences apart from Biology, this could just be that i naturally cannot get the hang of it… However this does NOT stop me working my butt off daily to try to impress myself with the work i can produce in science. As well as science I unfortunately really struggle with Math this is because when i get one wrong my whole head freezes and leaves me in a panic, i also cannot deal with mental math that well, however i now have a math tutor who has been helping me improve quite quickly!

So yeah, i guess that is me,

thanks for taking the time to read this and let me know if there is anything specific you want to hear about!

XOXO LifeOfGcse-Lizzy